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Business solutions

Personal safety when working solo or within high risk professions

MiniFinder Pico keeps coworkers safe who have to work alone or in high risk professions? Do you employ service people and craftsmen who often work solo in hazardous environments. Are you a professional hunter, working late in desolate areas trying to find game hurt by traffic? Do you work within security as a guard, bodyguard, guardian, police officer, or within authorities with potentially hazardous customers? Within the social services, in prisons, at immigrant shelters, psychiatric wards etc. Do you have co-workers with risk work like firemen or rescue service people? Or do you live with threats in your private life. The technology called IoT, Internet of Things, gives you new ways to make sure people always stay connected. An area where we at MiniFinder have many solutions and years of experience.


Then MiniFinder Pico is a small investment that will give a lot of protection in return. The battery lasts for about 7 days. Then you recharge it. It is small, discreet and durable. This is what MiniFinder Pico can do:


In risk situations, the surveilling person(s) can choose to use the overhearing function. The MiniFinder Pico user stays quiet or does not communicate with those surveilling, but at the other end you overhear everything that happens around the user.


With MiniFinder Pico, you immediately receive an auto-alarm if the user has fallen, which goes straight to the surveillance smartphone or to a central for alarms. Several authorized may be connected to the same user.


Thanks to the GPS tracking, you can see exactly where the MiniFinder Pico user is located. In an easy to use app for computer and smartphone, you can put in a so called digital fence on a map and thus define safe areas or routes. If the person crosses these fences, you will receive a direct email or text message. You can also GPS track the MiniFinder Pico bearer exactly on the map and around the clock.
On the device there is also an instant alarm button, which the MiniFinder Pico user can press if a sudden incident occurs.


With MiniFinder Pico, you can communicate directly with the user. The user can feel safer – being able to call for help whenever necessary.

Multi control

Several authorized users can use the app simultaneously and get the same information.

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