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Safety and freedom for the disabled

With MiniFinder Pico, you can help disabled people to get a safer and more independent everyday life

If you are a disabled person, you know all about the many challenges in everyday life. Few who are not (or have been) in the same situation can imagine what it’s like. Please, let us introduce a device that can give you a lot more freedom and safety. MiniFinder Pico will make your life easier and less restricted, when you want to meet friends, shop, visit libraries, doctors or participate in other anything that requires planning. MiniFinder Pico is a tracker and an alarm, connecting you to those you know and trust, in case something should happen. MiniFinder Pico is a small GPS tracker and a personal alarm that keeps you on line and constantly connected via an app on your mobile or computer.





Constant contact

If you wear the small, lightweight MiniFinder Pico, you can always reach and talk to the person(s) you are connected to, if anything happens. And it goes both ways, the related in question can talk to you as well. Getting help or reporting delays is easy piecy.

Location (never lost!)

You’ll know exactly where you are at all times, and so will the people you are connected to. You are easily spotted on the map in the app and can see your position (address) within 3 meters in your own mobile. Find addresses, put in routes, the best way to get there. See what your arrival time wil be and tell the people who might be expecting you. Allows the disabled to gain more freedom, to become more spontaneous and adventurous. If there’s a stop somewhere doesn’t matter. You can resolve the situation by staying in touch.


If there is an incident, push the alarm button on the device. Your contact(s) will be alerted. Insert a so-called geo-fences on the map in the app, i.e. mark the areas and routes that are safe. If you who wear the MiniFinder Pico crosses this fence, and has a mobile of your own, you’ll receive an alarm. Your contact person(s), will receive alarms on their mobile(s) too. If you as a user should fall and be unable to talk or respond, your contact(s) will receive an express safety alarm. This can also be connected to an alarm central. For you who have difficulty communicating (can’t ask about the way) or move, all this can mean increased safety and a lot of freedom! And if there is an incident, the help will always be near.

For multiple users

Several selected contact persons may use the same app and have the right to see where you are. For example, the person you live with, close relatives, friends, caretakers etc. It is like you all are connected in the Cloud and on line – always.


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