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Protection for people living under threat

Living as an individual or public person under threat is extremely stressful

MiniFinder Pico gives anyone living in such a situation a whole new safety experience and greater freedom. There are seldom resources to protect and monitor a person or more people in a threat situation, to a sufficient extent. But the security professionals can be of much bigger help if the person carries a GPS-tracker.


With GPS tracking, security staff can see exactly where the person who needs protection is located (the object) in an easy to use app for computer or mobile. You can insert a so called digital fence on the map and define which areas or routes that are safe. If the object moves outside these areas (or disappeares) the responsible for security will receive an immediate alarm (an e-mail or text message). They can also GPS track the person who needs protection, exactly on the map, around the clock and everywhere.



If something has happened, the object itself can alarm and security staff can take action. MiniFinder Pico, automatically generates an alarm if the object/person has fallen to the ground. The alarm goes straight to the security officer’s mobile. Several who are authorized can stay connected to the person simultaneously. On the MiniFinder Pico there is an alarm button that the object herself can press in case of incidents. This alarm can be connected directly to an alarm center.

Audio monitor

With MiniFinder Pico you can stand in direct contact with the object. The two-way audio function makes it possible in sensitive situations to just overhear what’s happening, without need to talk. MiniFinder Pico provides clear sound transmission if someone screams, vehicles crash, damage occurs, shooting, surrounding noise, etc.

Multi control

Several may have the app running simultaneously (on smartphone or computer) if they have the right to see where the protection object is located. Both relatives, guardians and security management.




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