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Protection for lone workers

Working late shift alone or daytime on demanding assignments?

Working alone on late shifts or daytime on demanding assignments, can be risky. MiniFinder Pico gives you a whole new dimension of security. In non-safe environments or under difficult work conditions, if your co-workers risk being exposed to violence or if they work in secluded areas or maybe nights alone.


With GPS tracking, you can see exactly where your co-workers are and you can guide them if problems. In a simple computer and mobile app, you insert a digital fence on a map and define what areas or routes that are safe. If your employee moves outside these areas, you will receive a direct e-mail or text message. For on call duty assignments, you can GPS track your employees accurately on the map, around the clock and everywhere, making it easy to call the one closest for the assignment.



If something happens, the employee can connect with you and inform you about the situation. With MiniFinder Pico, you will automatically receive an auto-alarm if the person has fallen and can’t call for help. The auto-alarm goes to your mobile. Several people may be connected to the same employee. Co-workers can connect inbetween, or with management, during an operation. The MiniFinder Pico also has an alarm button that the employee himself can press in case of emergency. Alarms can be connected directly to an alarm center.





Audio monitor

With the MiniFinder Pico GPS tracker you can stay in touch directly with your employees. Not only by talking. The interception function makes it possible to overhear what happens in sensitive situations. You can easily detect if someone screams, vehicles crash, something gets damaged, shooting, surrounding noise etc.

Multi connect

Several authorized users may have the app running simultaneously and the right to see where the employee is. Both other colleagues and security management.




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