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Safety for children, young and active people

A new safer world for everyone on the move

Welcome to a new safer world with MiniFinder. With MiniFinder Pico, you can better watch your kids, teens and be a support for adventurous relatives. The forest rider, enduro skier, mountain hiker, off-piste rider… Extra security for everyone you care about.

MiniFinder Pico is a small GPS tracker that allows you to stay connected to the user via the Internet and an app on your mobile or computer.







Constant contact

The user of the small, stylish, lightweight MiniFinder Pico is always reachable if anything happens. You can talk to the person, the child or the teenager – and he or she can answer.


You will always know where your kids and teens are, or anyone near. On the map in the app, you can easily see where the MiniFinder Pico user is. If a child is lost in a supermarket or at the zoo, does not matter. Is the teenager at a party and needs a pick up? Has the wild young adventurer crashed out on the racing bicycle track? Has the big fisherman grounded the fishing boat? Where did the jogger go? With MiniFinder GPS tracker, you’ll be near your dearest is a whole new way.



Insert the so-called geo-fences on the map, i.e. mark the areas and routes that are safe. If the user of MiniFinder Pico crosses these fences, you will immediately get an alarm on your mobile. If your teenager has problems in the evening, there are a variety of alarm options. Overhearing function, alarm button and even a fall alarm, automatically alarming if someone is on the ground and for some reason can’t call for help.

For multiple users

Several chosen can simultaneously have the app and the shared right to see where the user of MiniFinder Pico presently is. For example the person whom you live with, nursery staff, parents, grandparents and others. And both children and teens can have bonus parents who want to have simultaneous connection with their kids and teens! Adventurers come in all ages, anyone who does not want to be alone out there will feel better and safer with MiniFinder Pico in their pocket.



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