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Safety for the sick

Safety for the sick and other care recipients

Welcome to a new safer world with MiniFinder. With MiniFinder Pico, you can make life easier and safer for yourself or loved ones who have become ill or temporary convalescents.

If you get sick and immobilized, the world temporarily shrinks, you can’t do as much as usual and it’s hard to get around. Normal tasks, such as taking care of yourself, cooking, shopping, being on time for appointments, while using crutches or a wheelchair or by some other lack of mobility, is tough. MiniFinder Pico might be the solution.

The tracker enables you to eliminate the ”what if” feeling and keeps you connected to those you know and trust in case something happens. You can send alarms and communicate with them and they can find and assist you if you need them. The tracker works with an app on the mobile or computer. If you have a bad fall and can’t push the alarm button yourself, MiniFinder Pico will still recognize you are down, and an automatic alarm will be sent immediately.


Constant contact

Wearing the small, stylish, and lightweight MiniFinder Pico, you can always reach the ones you are connected to if anything happens (by the dual audio function). Chosen relatives, or other related, like caretakers (ICE-contacts) can hear what you want – and they can answer.


Did you get lost on the way? Are you late for something? Has there been an incident and you need help? Your ICE-contact(s) can easily see where you are on the map in the app. You only need to ask for help or push the alarm button, and it will be easy for them to assist you. Much safer for you – and a greater feeling of freedom.



It’s easy to insert so-called geo-fences on the map in the app, i.e. mark the areas and routes that are safe or for example the best route to the hospital. If you cross these ”fences”, your ICE-contact will immediately receive an alarm on their phone. If you are lost and need help, they will know where you are, and can assist you. If you fall and can’t talk, the ones connected will automatically get a fall alarm.

If you yourself have a mobile with the app installed – and you wish to know exactly where you are – you can see this on the map in the app. You will also see where to go and you’ll receive an alarm message if you are off the predefined route.

For multiple users

Several selected ICE-contacts may have the app and the right to see where you are. For example. the ones you live with, close relatives, friends, healthcare professionals and others.




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