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Staff protection in the security sector

Security work – more efficient and safer with coordinated GPS tracking

Whole units and individual employees equipped with MiniFinder Pico will enjoy a significantly increased level of security and efficiency in their daily work. The discrete GPS trackers – often used by high end security companies as well as within the police – support during difficult operations and patrol work in high risk areas. Please also see MiniFinder Zepto, a GPS tracking device, especially suitable for vehicles.








With MiniFinder Pico, you can GPS track your employees exactly on the map, around the clock. In the easy to use computer and mobile app, it’s possible to insert a digital fence to define what areas or routes are safe. If the person (or team) moves outside these areas, you will receive a direct email or text message. Having an extra check on your staffs whereabouts is an ind ispensable support when you have employees working in non secure areas or during risk operations.


In case of an incident, the MiniFinder Pico user pushes the alarm button. The supervising or incident officer gets an immediate sms or e-mail. This alarm can also be sent to an alarm center. MiniFinder Pico, sends a special automatic alarm if your employee falls to the ground and is disabled (by attack, gun shot, or other incident). This alarm can be connected directly to an alarm center too.



With MiniFinder Pico, you can communicate directly with your team and they can each reach you, the leading officer. Two-way audio also makes it possible in sensitive situations to overhear what’s happening, without speaking. MiniFinder Pico provides good sound transmission if someone near screams, a vehicles crashes, damage occurs, shooting, surrounding noise, etc. A person under cover can be tapping a conversation. Surveilling or pursuing a person is also made easy.

Multi control

The whole team can interact, see each other in the app, see alarms, communicate and overhear. Other authorized parties, like leading officers in other units or the emergency team, can have the app running simultaneously and they all have the right to see where each individual is. Everyone in the same working group can be paired with management staff, other patrol officers etc.



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