Traffic management with GPS technology from MiniFinder

In need of more efficient traffic management? MiniFinder offers several smart tools that help you create a safe and well-planned traffic management.

User-Friendly System
Our user-friendly system and app is used for controlling vehicles.

Competent Hardware
The hardware is specially designed and adapted to your needs.

Multi-Control Management
Several users may attain access to the system in use.
Effective traffic management with GPS technique

Optimize your processes in traffic management

The GPS tracker from MiniFinder streamlines traffic management. In addition to updated real time positions, drivers and traffic controllers can mark events along the way, such as roadworks and accidents. Route changes can be informed and new arrival times calculated. 

With MiniFinder, you receive an excellent overview of all vehicles via the same tracking system. This helps you to make sure that all vehicles are working at full capacity throughout the day. The GPS trackers ensure that the fleet is managed both safely and efficiently.

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Smart traffic management with GPS

Improve the quality of service

With our units, you can offer end customers updated delivery information and estimated arrival times, as well as conveying a clear sense of control. 

Besides, our GPS trackers automatically report individual vehicle driving data and store the information for a year. The history can be generated in user-friendly reports to streamline and analyze operations, and further on improve the quality of service. 

Traffic management easier with GPS

Easy connection for all types of vehicles

The GPS tracker suits all businesses and vehicle types. They are connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket via Plug and Play feature. Alternatively, the tracker can be connected to the vehicle using an “On-Board-Diagnosis” (OBD) power adapter. 

Whatever you choose, the units are easy to install and no installation costs are added. Thanks to world-leading GPS technology, all our units work in over 190 countries. 

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GPS streamlines traffic management

More functional features

Our GPS trackers increase the drivers safety and their surroundings by sending an alarm to selected contacts if a vehicle exceeds a specified speed. The speed alarm function can improve driving habits and prevent accidents. 

With MiniFinder, the vehicle is also theft-protected around the clock and deviations from the planned route can be quickly detected. By receiving an alarm if a vehicle leaves a marked safety zone, so-called geofence, rapid measures can be taken and stolen vehicles can be found. 


Real-Time Positioning

See the exact positioning of vehicles in real-time. Monitor all devices at the same time.

Speed Alarm

Prevent accidents and protect the environment by eco-driving. Obtain a warning if a vehicle exceeds the specified speed.


Mark areas on the map and receive alarms if a vehicle leaves such a restricted area.

Works Everywhere

Our units are built with world-leading GPS technology and operate in over 190 countries.

User-Friendly Reports

Create easy-to-manage reports for more efficient administration. Sort by time and areas.

Mark Events

Share information from the field by highlighting events via MiniFinder GO.

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