Protect campervans & caravans against theft with MiniFinder

When theft happens, it is not just extremely frustrating, but also costly. With the GPS tracker MiniFinder Zepto, the risk of theft is reduced and you have better control over your campervan or caravan around the clock.


Smooth Hardware

Small and smooth device that connects to the vehicle’s battery in just a few seconds.


User-Friendly System

Access to a user-friendly system and easy-to-use app for better control.


Works Everywhere

Zepto is built with world-leading GPS technology and operates in over 190 countries.


Constant control over caravan and campervan

Constant control over caravan and campervan

Zepto protects your caravan or campervan together with the MiniFinder GO tracking system and gives you constant surveillance over your property. Zepto provides you with the vehicle’s position as soon as it detects motion and sends alarms when needed.

Taking action quickly can be crucial to recovering a stolen caravan or camper van.

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Access to valuable information

MiniFinder GO gives you valuable information about the vehicle’s route, such as time, date and locations. Use the information and maps to plan and streamline your trips.

With the GPS tracker MiniFinder Zepto you can no matter where you are in the world.

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Real-Time Positioning

Zepto records the device’s positioning in real time. See exact positioning directly in MiniFinder GO.


Geofence Alarm

Select areas on the map and receive alarms if the unit leaves a designated area.

Positionering inomhus

5 Year Warranty

Our products are made of the highest quality. A MiniFinder will last for many years to come.



Position and vehicle data are automatically stored for 1 year. Filter by time and areas.

Lågt batteri varning

Speed Alarm

Zepto sends an alarm if the unit exceeds the preset speed limit.



Several users can see where the device is and get updated information.

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