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GPS trackers made for professional use. We offer security solutions for vehicles, people, animals and valuables.


Security solutions for individuals and the healthcare sector.


Security solutions for people and valuables.


Anti-theft and tracking services for vehicles and machines.


Security solutions for small and large animals.

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Connect your GPS device to MiniFinder GO and take advantage of several innovative features directly by using your digital devices.
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Safety is important for us and our staff, MiniFinder gives us extra security when working alone in the evenings, nights and weekends.
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Tommy Asterhed

CEO, Savjo Plastic AB
Thanks to MiniFinder we can offer our clients the best possible solution for time critical shipments. With real-time updates on delivery times and tracking, gives a great advantage over the competition. On-time deliveries demands On-time tracking solutions.
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Marcus Trostek

CEO, Trostek Transport
We have many small cars that visit our home service customers every day. With MiniFinder it is easy to keep track of the vehicle fleet and we automatically get the driving records required by the Swedish Tax Agency. It allows us to focus on our core business.
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Aron Kristoffersson

CEO, Aleva care
For us at Hepro Welfare Technology, it's all about creating safety and helping seniors master their everyday lives. The MiniFinder solutions help us create the feeling of outdoor freedom and make sure the users are safe.
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Irene Dybdahl

Sales Manager Welfare Technology, Hepro AS
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Stop worrying about car theft with MiniFinder

Stop worrying about car theft with MiniFinder

Car theft is increasing every year and it is something that can cost you a lot of unnecessary money and time. It is also rare for the car to be found in good condition and it can be difficult to get your insurance money afterwards. Therefore, you should always be on the safe side and invest in a GPS tracker that is specially adapted for cars. MiniFinder Zepto is a GPS tracker that is installed directly in your car's OBD socket and after installation you can see the car's position around the clock directly in your mobile with the MiniFinder Go app.

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Protect your children from unexpected situations - with a personal alarm from MiniFinder

Protect your children from unexpected situations - with a personal alarm from MiniFinder

As the children get older, the risk of dangerous situations increases. At the same time, it is important to give your child a sense of freedom. The solution can be a mini personal alarm filled with modern GPS technology. It gives you as a parent reduced anxiety, since you can keep track of your child even from a distance. A personal alarm can be crucial for your child's safety, at the same time as the child is allowed to be outside on their own. 

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MiniFinder clarifies the difference between Atto and Atto Pro

MiniFinder clarifies the difference between Atto and Atto Pro

MiniFinder Atto and MiniFinder Atto Pro are two smart GPS trackers for animals. Both GPS trackers contain modern GPS functionality, several smart alarm functions and are easy for the animal to carry around the neck. But what is the main differences between them? 

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