GPS alarm that increases your child’s safety

As a caregiver, it’s natural to feel concerned as your children grow older and become more independent. With a GPS alarm from MiniFinder, you can keep your children safe while they explore the world on their own terms.

Practical Design
The units are easy to carry and can be worn in several ways.

Panic Button
The child can easily alert preselected contacts.

Unlimited Reach
The devices offered by MiniFinder work in over 190 countries.
Children with GPS tracker

Keep track with real time positioning 

The GPS alarm from MiniFinder has many convenient features such as long battery life and real time positioning. 

There may be moments in life when you want to keep extra good supervision of your kids. For example, when playing with friends or heading home from school. With the help of a safety alarm you can always be present, no matter where you are.

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Children protected with GPS tracker

Panic button for unexpected situations

Both younger and older children can sometimes end up in unexpected situations that require immediate contact. Therefore, our devices are equipped with a panic button that allows your children to send an immediate alarm in case of danger. 

The units are also easy to carry. Ethier in a pocket, around the wrist, with a lanyard around the neck or in the school bag. 

Children with GPS tracker

Call function increases children's safety

For extra security, the units are equipped with a call function. This makes it easy to hear and talk with your kids in any situation. If you are unable to answer by phone, the unit will continue to call the next preset number. If no one answers, the alarm starts over from the beginning. 

Several selected people such as grandparents, teachers or relatives can access the system and find out where the child is located. Such safety measures ensure that your child never feels alone in unsafe environments. 

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GPS tracker on children

GPS alarm with wide range

The units are just as advantageous to use at home in the garden, as during an excursion to an amusement park or shopping center. 

The geofence function makes it possible to select safe areas. If a playful child moves outside the geofence, you receive an alarm notification. This means that you do not have to worry about the child suddenly leaving the house or running away when you are traveling. 


Real-Time Positioning

The devices provide you with the user's exact positioning in real time.

Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

Thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth, it is possible to position both indoors and outdoors.


Receive an alarm if the user leaves a marked safety zone.


Several users can access the system to receive alarms and see position.

Call Function

Communicate with the user through the easy-to-use call function.

Fall Alarm

The unit automatically alerts in the event of a fall if the user is unable to alert himself.

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