Safety solutions for friends and family

Do you have family members or close relatives that are in need of extra support? MiniFinder’s personal alarm consists of several innovative security measures that allows the user to live a free life without restrictions.

Several authorized persons can receive alarms and see position.

Panic Button
The user can easily alert preset contacts.

Practical Design
The units are easy to carry and can be worn in several ways.
Our safety alarm for close relatives

GPS alarm with real time positioning 

With a safety alarm from MiniFinder you can follow the wearer’s position in real time. If an accident occurs, you have the opportunity to locate your family member and assist if needed. It’s a security measure that contributes to a continued active life.

Through a connection to the MiniFinder GO tracking system, specified recipients can access the position data via a browser or mobile phone. Quick access to the user’s movement patterns can be vital and increases the security of alarm holders and relatives. 

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Safety alarm for close relatives

Reliable functions that increase safety 

If your family member is in a precarious situation, the panic button can be used to inform selected recipients. The alarm can also be connected directly to an alarm center. Knowing that your relative can get help even in urgent situations, is very reassuring.

Thanks to the unit’s call function you can hear and talk to the alarm holder. If a relative needs help, you can use the call function and solve the situation from a distance. 

Close relatives with safety alarm

Fall sensor

Fall accidents and illnesses can lead to lost independence and a poorer quality of life. The personal alarm designed by MiniFinder contains falling sensors. If an accident occurs and the wearer falls, close relatives receive an alarm notification and can act if needed.

With the multi-control function, several people can access the tracking system. This means that selected recipients such as relatives, caregivers and friends can access the user’s position. This feature creates safety and contributes to a better life. 

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Protected close relatives with a safety alarm

Additional benefits of MiniFinder

The safety alarms of MiniFinder are easy to use and can be worn in different ways. Our private personal alarm Nano is designed as a wrist-worn watch. Our GPS alarm Pico can be worn around the neck or stored in a bag or jacket pocket.

The low weight of the alarms does not disturb the user in daily life, and can therefore be carried easily every day. This allows the user to participate in leisure activities, walks and other pursuits.


Real-Time Positioning

Possibility of reliable real-time positioning both indoors and outdoors.

Fall Alarm

The unit automatically alerts in the event of a fall if the user is unable to alert himself.


Receive an alarm if the user leaves a marked safety zone.

Call Function

Communicate with the user through the easy-to-use call function.

User-Friendly System

Access to a user-friendly system and easy-to-use app.

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