Security alarms for active seniors

For many elderly people, a great quality of life means being able to participate in social life and the opportunity to stay in their own home. MiniFinder’s personal alarm increases the safety of the user and reduces relatives' concerns.

Practical Design
The units are easy to carry and can be worn in several ways.

Panic Button
The user can easily alert preset contacts.

Works Everywhere
The high-grade devices developed by MiniFinder work in over 190 countries.
GPS bracelet for seniors

Improved quality of life with MiniFinder

An active lifestyle promotes good health, but as we age the risk of illness and injury massively increases. Thanks to the device’s positioning technology, you can follow your relative or family member in real time and help the person in case the accident occurs. 

By connecting the unit to the MiniFinder GO tracking system, the active senior can live a safe and independent life knowing that relatives always are close by hand. The innovative features of the units also contribute to a safer life. 

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GPS alarm on a bracelet for seniors

Call- and panic function increases your safety 

If the alarm holder gets into an unsafe situation or feels threatened, the panic button can be used. With a simple push of a button, an alarm notification is sent to relatives who may assist the user. For additional security, the alarm can be connected to an alarm center. 

The call function also gives you the opportunity to hear and talk to the alarm holder. If your relative is waiting for a bus or travel service that does not show up, you can communicate with each other. It’s a security measure that contributes to a free and independent life. 

Seniors with GPS bracelet and GPS alarm

Personal alarm with smart sensors

As we get older, the risk of falling accidents and illnesses increases. The secure safety alarms from MiniFinder are equipped with a fall sensor. If your relative falls, selected recipients will receive an alarm immediately.

The multi-control function gives several people access to the system. This means that friends, relatives and other selected people can see the position and receive alarm notifications. Knowing that selected recipients will be informed when needed is reassuring to you as a relative. 

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GPS alarm on a bracelet

Why choose MiniFinder?

A further advantage of our products is the neat design which makes the units easy to carry. Thanks to a long-lasting battery life, the units are optimal to use during both shorter and longer trips. 

The active senior can use the alarm in the home, in the exercise of leisure activities and walks. It guarantees the user’s safety in all situations. 


User-Friendly System

Access to a user-friendly system and easy-to-use app.


Several users can access the system to receive alarms and see position.

Real-Time Positioning

Possibility of reliable real-time positioning both indoors and outdoors.

Fall Alarm

The unit automatically alerts in the event of a fall if the user is unable to alert himself.

Call Function

Communicate with the user through the easy-to-use call function.

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