Safer Working Environment When Working Alone

Working alone can lead to an increased risk of injuries. Therefore, it is important to prevent potential dangers that may affect the employees working for you. The GPS alarm of MiniFinder's consists of several innovative alarm functions keeping the staff members safe in work-related situations.

Practical Design
The units are easy to carry and can be worn in several ways.

Panic Button
The carrier can easily alert preselected contacts.

Several authorized persons can receive alarms and see position.
Working alone

Extra Safety in the Workplace

As an employer, you are responsible for the work environment, and to ensure that your employees are safe at their workplace. It is also your responsibility to make sure that they can get help in an emergency, and that they can have direct contact with others.

A GPS tracker is a welcome tool containing several smart alarm functions as well as the possibility of direct contact with workmates or other people. With a GPS alarm from MiniFinder, you increase the safety of your employees.

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Working alone

Panic Button with Immediate Alarm

In order for your staff to feel safe during working hours, our mobile GPS alarms are equipped with a clear panic button. It is a reassuring tool for electricians, road workers, receptionists and other occupational groups who carry out much of their work alone.

With a simple push of a button, the person can send an alarm note directly to the specified recipient or alarm centre. This means that you as an employer can ensure your employees' safety and ensure that they can always inform selected contacts about where they are located.

Working alone

Automatic Alarm in Case of Accident

Fall accidents are a very real risk for occupational groups who regularly work at high altitude, and being able to get help quickly can be a crucial factor. The mobile GPS alarm of MiniFinder responds immediately if an accident occurs.

In the case of sudden accidents or illness, it can be difficult for those who work alone to trigger the alarm on their own. The smart falling alarm created by MiniFinder is automatically activated in cases and immediately alerts preset recipients.

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Working alone

Increase Security with Call Function

MiniFinder's GPS trackers include an effective call function that allows you to make calls to and from your device. If needed, employees can easily contact preset phone numbers. The staff can thus receive support in inconvenient situations and accidents can be reported quickly.

Thanks to the multi-control function, several people can access the alarm and tracking system MiniFinder GO. This means that employers, colleagues or other relatives can receive alarms and see the position, which can feel very reassuring for the employees.

Working alone

More Benefits of a Safer Work Environment

It is very important that your employees feel safe at work. If your employees feel comfortable and feel safe in the workplace, you will notice. Job satisfaction not only affects the well-being of the employees but is also important for productivity.

Because the alarm shows the user's real-time positioning both indoors and outdoors, your employees can feel safe, no matter where they are. In addition, using GPS technology in the workplace is cost-effective and contributes to increased efficiency.

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Real-Time Positioning

The devices provide you with the user's exact positioning in real time.

Call Function

Communicate with the user through the easy-to-use call feature.

Indoor and Outdoor Positioning

Thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth, it is possible to position both indoors and outdoors.

Unlimited Reach

Our units are built with world-leading GPS technology and operate in over 190 countries.

Falling Alarm

The unit automatically alerts in the event of a fall if the user is unable to alert himself.

Long Battery Life

The units have a long battery life and sends low battery alarms

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