Electronic Triplog from MiniFinder

Writing driving records by hand is both cumbersome and time-consuming. The GPS tracker produced by MiniFinder automatically records trips, saving your business time and money.

Plug & Play
Connects to the car's diagnostic socket in just a few seconds.

Automatic Triplog
Electronic driving record approved by the Swedish Tax Agency.

Works Everywhere
MiniFinder's devices operate in over 190 countries.
Electronic driving record

Why Use Electronic Triplog?

Keeping a driving record is necessary in many professions, and the Swedish Tax Agency places strict requirements on what tasks to include. MiniFinder's digital triplog is approved by the Swedish Tax Agency, which means you can feel completely confident in your choice of product.

Our GPS trackers automatically record information such as date, mileage and the exact time of travel. Afterwards, the driver can easily mark each drive as a private or business trip.

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Electronic driving record

Optimize Your Business with MiniFinder

Electronic triplog not only minimize the risk of inconvenient tax audits. Our GPS trackers also provide distinct and significant driving data in user-friendly reports.

With these reports, you obtain valuable information that allows you to analyze the company's daily operations, the driving behavior of each driver, driving times and other relevant statistics. These data help to optimize operations and prevent potential shortcomings.

Electronic driving record

Save Time and Money

Automatic triplog streamline the company's operations. Thanks to user-friendly reports, administrative tasks such as invoicing, mileage and salary payments are considerably simplified, so that more time can be spent on other things.

All driving data is presented in easy-to-handle reports and works well as a basis for making the decision-making process more productive. With our electronic triplog, the business saves both time and money.

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Electronic driving record

More Practical Features

In addition to our triplog, you get access to the MiniFinder GO tracking system. There you can see the exact positioning of the vehicle in real time and can ensure that the driver has arrived at his destination. Furthermore, you can receive a warning if the vehicle exceeds the specified speed.

Our units are also used for theft prevention. The geofence feature allows you to easily mark safe areas on the map and receive alarms if the vehicle leaves a restricted area. By connecting a GPS tracker, your vehicle is supervised around the clock.

Electronic driving record

A GPS Tracker that Fits All Your Needs

MiniFinder's GPS trackers are appreciated tools that suit all businesses and car types. The units are customized as needed and thanks to world-leading GPS technology they operate in over 190 countries.

Via a Plug and Play function, you can connect the device to the vehicle's diagnostic socket. Alternatively, it can be connected to the vehicle using an “On-Board-Diagnosis” (OBD) power adapter. Whatever your options, our GPS trackers are easy to install and free of installation costs.

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Real-Time Positioning

See the exact positioning of the vehicle in real time via mobile or web page.

User-Friendly Reports

Create easy-to-manage reports for more efficient administration. Sort by time and areas.


Select areas on the map and receive alarms if the vehicle leaves a restricted area.

Speed Alarm

Prevent accidents and protect the environment. Obtain a warning if a vehicle exceeds the specified speed.

5 Year Warranty

Our products are made of the highest quality. A MiniFinder will last for many years.


Several people can see the vehicle's positions and receive updated information.

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