Efficient Cargo Tracking by Applying Products of MiniFinder

MiniFinder's GPS trackers are equipped with innovative features contributing to safe and well-organized freight handling. Use our services to track lost goods, such as theft protection or to create more effective coordination in your logistics operations.

Several users can access the system.

User-Friendly System
User-friendly system and app for controlling vehicles.

Works Everywhere
The devices designed by MiniFinder operate in more than 190 countries.
Cargo tracking

Do You Need Improved Control?

A GPS tracker offers a deciding advantage when it comes to cargo tracking. With a GPS unit from MiniFinder, your cargo vehicles are monitored 24/7 and there is no risk of your cargo getting lost or stolen.

The state-of-the-art GPS trackers from MiniFinder provide you with the positioning of the goods in real time and you can easily ensure that they have arrived at their destination. Thanks to the fact that the information is constantly updated, potential route changes can be announced, any delays reported and new arrival times calculated.

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Cargo tracking

Why GPS Tracker from MiniFinder?

Our GPS trackers are built with world-leading GPS technology and can be used in over 190 countries. Characteristic of our GPS trackers is the battery life and in standby mode the battery lasts for several days. In addition, the unit sends an alarm if the battery level falls below a certain percentage.

Thereafter, several people can access the system and follow the freight route via mobile or website. The units are easy to install and no installation costs are added. Once the goods have been delivered, the unit can be used for other goods without having to be reinstalled.

Cargo tracking

Protect the Load from Theft

When the goods are being transported or stored there are certain theft risks. By connecting a GPS tracker, your cargo is constantly monitored. Through the tracking system you can see the unit's positioning in real time and can quickly notice if the goods deviate from the planned route.

If for some reason your cargo is stationary, for example in a port while waiting for transport, the motion alarm function may be helpful. With the help of a motion sensor, the unit alerts as soon as the goods are moved and the reason can be quickly investigated.

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Cargo tracking

More Practical Features

For extra security, the units are equipped with the geofence function. By marking safe areas, specified recipients receive an alarm if the goods leave a restricted area. A security zone can be a storage room, a port area or other place where goods are stored.

Furthermore, an alarm is automatically received if the unit exceeds the specified speed. With these features, you can detect what's going on and take appropriate action. Acting quickly can be crucial in finding lost or stolen goods.

Cargo tracking

Streamline Operations

The MiniFinder GO tracking system automatically records relevant data from the device that is stored for one year. Selected data can easily be extracted in user-friendly reports and used as a basis for streamlining operations and improving service quality.

The reports give you valuable information such as the goods route, times and dates. By analyzing the history, the handling of goods can be optimized and potential shortcomings prevented. With our GPS trackers, the business saves both time and money.

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Real-Time Positioning

See the exact positioning of the goods in real time. Monitor several goods at the same time.

Long Battery Life

The unit has a long battery life and alerts if the battery falls below the minimum threshold value.


Mark areas on the map and receive alarms if goods leave a restricted area.

Speed Alarm

The unit sends an alarm if the goods exceed the specified speed.

User-Friendly Reports

Create easy-to-manage reports for more efficient administration. Sort by time and areas.

Movement Alarm

Via the motion alarm function, the unit can alarm as soon as the goods are moved.

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