Optimize your trucking business with GPS technology from MiniFinder!

At MiniFinder, we understand the specific needs and challenges that trucking companies face in today's fast-paced logistics industry. That's why we offer tailored services and innovative solutions to help you optimize your trucking business and streamline your operations using GPS technology.

User-Friendly System
Our user-friendly system and app is used for controlling vehicles.

Competent Hardware
The hardware is specially designed and adapted to your needs.

Multi-Control Management
Several users may attain access to the system in use.
Effective traffic management with GPS technique

Vehicle and trailer tracking for more efficient transportation

A GPS tracker for vehicles from MiniFinder will help you streamline your trucking business. The GPS tracker utilizes the MiniFinder GO tracking system, which enables real-time tracking of your vehicles and trailers. Whether you have a single truck or an entire fleet, our system gives you full control over the entire transportation process. By optimizing routes and minimizing driving times, you can streamline your transportation operations, reduce costs, and increase productivity. The MiniFinder Go GPS system is designed with user-friendliness in mind. It's easy to install and manage, making it simple to get started and take advantage of all its benefits. Our team is also available to provide support and guidance as needed.

Smart traffic management with GPS

Enhanced safety with geofencing and speed alerts

MiniFinder's GPS for vehicles is also equipped with advanced features such as geofencing and speed alerts to improve safety. By marking boundaries around specific areas, you can receive immediate alerts whenever the vehicle exits the designated area. Furthermore, the speed alert helps promote safe and responsible driving by notifying you when the vehicle exceeds the specified speed limits. 

Traffic management easier with GPS

Delivery monitoring

With the MiniFinder GO system, you can easily monitor your deliveries in real time. We provide you with the ability to send a link to your customers so they can track their deliveries and receive updated information themselves. This reduces the need for unnecessary communication and enables smoother handling of the delivery process. Another appreciated additional service that can be added to protect deliveries is the temperature and humidity sensors available on MiniFinder's vehicle GPS trackers. This feature allows you to set temperature limits and receive alerts if the temperature exceeds these limits. This way, you can ensure that your goods are transported under optimal conditions and avoid any potential deterioration or loss of products.


Real-Time Positioning

See the exact positioning of vehicles in real-time. Monitor all devices at the same time.

Speed Alarm

Prevent accidents and protect the environment by eco-driving. Obtain a warning if a vehicle exceeds the specified speed.

Temperature and humidity sensors

Receive alerts if your goods exceed a certain temperature.

Works Everywhere

Our units are built with world-leading GPS technology and operate in over 190 countries.

User-Friendly Reports

Create easy-to-manage reports for more efficient administration. Sort by time and areas.

Tamper alert

Notifies if the device is dismantled.

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