Keep Your Dog Under Control with MiniFinder

With a GPS tracker from MiniFinder you don’t have to worry when your dog is exploring the world. Use the GPS tracker to track the dog during walks, outdoor play or nosework training in the woods.

Light Weight
A smooth and lightweight GPS tracker in mini format.

100% Waterproof
GPS tracker that is dust and waterproof.

Unlimited Reach
The devices developed by MiniFinder work in over 190 countries.
Dog equipped with dog gps tracker

Position your dog in real time

Do you want to be able to track your dog in real time, no matter where you are? MiniFinder’s dog GPS tracker is an excellent tool to gather necessary information, as it records the dog’s movements via the cloud server MiniFInder GO. 

The unit is not only showing the dog’s current position, but also displays the positioning history that is stored in the system for one year. The history can be used to learn more about your dog’s movements or to track the distances you usually walk.

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Dog wearing a dog gps tracker

Completely waterproof – Powerful battery

Our dog GPS tracker is IP67 certified, ensuring its durability for outdoor use in any season and weather conditions. The tracker boasts an extraordinary battery life, lasting up to 35 hours with 5-minute update intervals. Additionally, the device automatically notifies you when it needs charging, and you can quickly and efficiently charge it using the included magnetic charger.

Dog protected with gps dog tracker

Get direct alarms when escaping

Dogs can be curious and decide to explore foreign areas. Use the Geofence feature to highlight safe areas, such as your garden or dog yard. If the dog escapes from a safe area, you will receive a direct alarm.

The multi-control feature allows family members, neighbors or friends to join the same tracking system. This helps you to keep your dog under surveillance and making sure that your four-legged friend stays safe in all situations. 

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Dog traceable with dog tracker using gps

Designed for outdoor use

In order to provide the highest quality, our GPS tracker is equipped with a long battery life. This allows you to take advantage of all the features of the unit, even during longer walks or hikes. 

The MiniFinder is also waterproof and can therefore be used all year around, regardless of the weather. Thanks to the durable surface layer, the tracker is also convenient to take on more demanding outdoor trips and training sessions with your dog. 


Real-Time Positioning

The device provides you with the dog's exact positioning in real time.


All position data is stored for one year and can be easily displayed afterwards.


Receive alarms if your dog leaves a marked safety area.

Low Battery Alarm

The unit informs when the battery falls below a certain percentage.

Unlimited Range

Atto Pro is built with world-leading GPS technology and operates in over 190 countries.


Several users can access the system to view position and receive alarms.

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