Digital Services for Healthcare Companies and the Public Sector

The GPS alarm of MiniFinder gives care recipients an opportunity to live a safe and free life based on their own circumstances. Our mobile services can also be used to optimize work in health care and the public sector.

Panic Button
The carrier can easily alert preselected contacts.

User-Friendly System
User-friendly system and easy-to-use app.

Several authorized persons can receive alarms and see position.

Keep Well and Fit

The safety alarms of MiniFinder consist of several innovative alarm functions and - if necessary - the healthcare personnel can see the user's position in real time. It creates a safe life and a better quality of life. The GPS technology of MiniFinder is cost-effective and relieves staff's daily work.

Our units are also easy to use and come in a smooth format. The MiniFinder Nano can be worn around the wrist as a watch or removed from its casing and be worn around the neck. MiniFinder Pico can be worn with a lanyard around the neck or placed in a pocket.

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Panic Button for Sudden Events

In order for the care recipients to feel safe in all situations, the units have a clear panic button. In the event of unexpected events, the alarm holder can send a direct alarm to selected recipients. For additional security, our GPS alarms can be connected directly to an alarm center.

The state-of-the-art GPS units developed by MiniFinder are equipped with a reliable call function, and the user can call preset phone numbers if needed. Thanks to the call function, relatives can also contact the alarm holder. It is a safety measure that reduces the care recipients´ and relatives' concerns.


Fall Alarm and Heart Rate Change

MiniFinder's GPS alarm contains a fall alarm that increases the safety of unstable care recipients with a reduced balance. If the accident occurs and the care recipient falls, the unit sends an alert note. The recipients of the alarm can quickly be in place and assist the alarm holder.

As a further safety measure, the MiniFinder Nano contains a heart rate sensor. The sensor sends an alarm when the user's pulse exceeds or falls below a predetermined value. It gives healthcare professionals and relatives the opportunity to detect certain health problems well in advance.

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Additional Features

Via the geofence function, healthcare personnel can easily select safe areas. If a person leaves a secure area, the specified recipient receives an alert note. The business can thus quickly take steps to track the person.

Through the multi-control function, several people can access the tracking system. The knowledge that selected recipients are informed when necessary is reassuring to the user. Connecting recipients as caregivers and contact persons to the system relieves relatives.


Heart Rate Sensor

Receive alarms if the pulse exceeds or falls below preset limit values.

Fall Alarm

The unit automatically alerts in the event of a fall if the user is unable to alert himself.

Call Function

Communicate with the user through the easy-to-use call function.

Real-Time Positioning

Possibility of reliable real-time positioning both indoors and outdoors.


Receive an alarm if the user leaves a marked safety zone.

Practical Design

The units are easy to carry and can be worn in several ways.

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