Effective coordination of your vehicle fleet

Lack of use of commercial vehicles can result in significant losses. MiniFinder offers unique GPS trackers with several innovative features that facilitate the organization of the business vehicle fleet. We adapt our services to your needs.

User-Friendly System
User-friendly system and app for controlling the vehicles.

Competent Hardware
Hardware adapted to your special needs.

Several users can access the system.
Our fleet management solution

In need of improved control?

A GPS tracker creates an advantage when it comes to fleet management. Thanks to real time positioning, you can ensure that the vehicle has arrived at its destination safely. Special events can be highlighted and the fleet manager is enabled to change the itineraries based on needs.

MiniFinder offers a detailed overview and control of all vehicles in the same system. In addition, we adapt solutions to your needs and ensure that you get access to the services that suit your business. 

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Our fleet management system

Streamline operations

The MiniFinder GO tracking system provides you with essential information in easy-to-handle reports. By analyzing the day-to-day operation, driving behaviors and other information, deficiencies may easily be prevented. In this way the quality of service is improved and the operation is streamlined. 

The reports also simplify administrative tasks such as invoicing and payroll. With our GPS tracker, the business saves time and money.

Swedish system for fleet management

More useful features

With a GPS tracker from MiniFinder, the vehicles are theft-protected and you can quickly get a notice if a vehicle deviates from a planned route. The geofence function automatically sends an alarm if a vehicle leaves a preset safety zone. 

Further on, the GPS units contribute to increased safety for drivers and their surroundings. Selected receivers are automatically alerted if a vehicle exceeds a specified speed. The speed alarm can improve habits and prevent accidents. 

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GPS fleet management system

GPS trackers that fit all needs

Our GPS trackers are appreciated tools that suit all vehicle types and operations. Thanks to world-leading GPS technology, MiniFinder operates in over 190 countries.  

The units are connected to the vehicle’s diagnostic socket via a Plug and Play feature. Alternatively, it can be connected to the “On-Board-Diagnosis” (OBD) power adapter. Whatever you choose, our GPS trackers are easy to install and free of installation costs. 


Real-Time Positioning

See the exact positioning of vehicles in real time. Monitor all devices at the same time.

Speed Alarm

Prevent accidents and protect the environment. Obtain a warning if a vehicle exceeds the specified speed.


Mark areas on the map and receive alarms if a vehicle leaves a restricted area.

Works Everywhere

Our units are built with world-leading GPS technology and operate in over 190 countries.

User-Friendly Reports

Create easy-to-manage reports for more efficient administration. Sort by time and areas.

Mark Events

Share information from the field by highlighting events via MiniFinder GO.

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