Mobile safety alarms for people with special needs

MiniFinder is a Swedish supplier of safety alarms to people in need of extra help in their everyday lives. Discover our latest mobile safety alarms - without landline and with extended range!

Several authorized people can receive alarms and see the position.

Panic button
The user can easily alert default contacts.

Practical design
Mobile safety alarms that are easy to bring with you and can be worn in several ways.
Safety alarm - mobile without fixed telephony

What is a safety alarm? 

A safety alarm is a safety solution that makes it possible to contact others in the event of sudden and unforeseen events, such as a fall accident. Our safety alarms are among others, designed to increase security for people with special needs. 

The unit is equipped with a call- and alarm button so that the wearer for example easily can alert and talk to care staff, home care or SOS. It is common for the user to wear the safety alarm around the wrist like a watch or around the neck.


Mobile safety alarm from MiniFinder

Mobile safety alarm without landline provides longer range

The benefits of a mobile safety alarm compared to a stationary safety alarm is that our mobile safety alarm does not have a limit in range. The unit roams freely between different networks to achieve the best GSM reception, which means that it also works in the event of a power failure. The alarm is a portable solution, which makes it easy to always carry with you. When the safety alarm is used in home care, the alarm reception can be handled easily by the care provider.

Nano, a digital safety alarm

What happens if a safety alarm is not working?

Our mobile safety alarms constantly report information to both the tracking system MiniFinder GO and the associated app regarding alarm status, battery status, GSM signal strength, GPS signal strength and other sensor data. The caregiver or alarm receiver who is responsible for the safety alarms will always have new information available directly via their mobile screen or computer, and can act quickly if the safety alarm changes status.

Swedish safety alarm from MiniFinder

A mobile safety alarm with many functions 

With a mobile safety alarm, you can set different alarms depending on what is happening. If a device has not been in contact with the app or the alarm system for a certain number of minutes or hours, it can be notified via an inactivity alarm. The alarm is also equipped with a fall sensor that triggers a fall alarm in case the user happens to fall. 

The safety alarm also has an alarm button that the user can use in emergency situations. Because our safety alarms are equipped with two-way communication, the user can use the alarm button to call and talk directly to the alarm receiver. This call function can be connected to a series of receivers, such as an alarm center.

Elderly person with safety alarm

Keep in mind that a mobile safety alarm must be charged

What you should keep in mind when switching to a mobile safety alarm is that it requires regular charging. Unlike a stationary safety alarm that is dependent on a direct power supply, a mobile safety alarm is battery-powered.

This means that users need to have routines for charging the mobile alarm. Our mobile safety alarm has a battery life that lasts for several days and the device also notifies when the battery starts to run low and needs to be charged. Despite this, it is important to always have a habit of keeping the device charged. 

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Real-time positioning

Opportunity for reliable real-time positioning both indoors and outdoors.

Fall alarm

The safety alarm automatically alarms in the event of a fall accident, if the user does not have the opportunity to alarm.


Receive an alarm if the user leaves a marked safety zone.

Call function

Communicate with the user via the easy-to-use call function.

User-friendly system

Access to user-friendly system and easy-to-use app.

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