Our GPS trackers for bicycles, mopeds and other valuables

Have you, or someone you know, been the victim of theft? It can be both costly and cumbersome. MiniFinder's GPS trackers provide reliable theft protection and give you full control over your property, whether it's bicycles, mopeds or objects.

Long Battery Life
Our GPS trackers have a long battery life and send notifications when the battery is low.

Unlimited Reach
MiniFinder's GPS trackers work in over 190 countries.

User-Friendly System
The trackers are connected to a user-friendly tracking system and easy-to-use app.

A flexible theft protection from MiniFinder

Our trackers are among the smallest on the market, which makes them easy to hide for unauthorized persons and easy to place on a variety of vehicles and valuables. For example, you can place your GPS tracker on a bicycle, moped, suitcase or other property for optimal theft protection.

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We have trackers for all purposes

Whatever you want to protect against theft, there is a solution for you. Because bicycle theft is a common problem, many of our customers use MiniFinder's GPS tracker for their bicycle. But of course you can also use the track transmitter to get effective theft protection for your moped, lawnmower or other theft-prone property.


Prevent thefts with geofence

Geofence is an effective tool that makes it possible to mark out safe zones. You can create a geofence in your bicycle storage, garage, garden or other places where you store the property you want to protect against theft.  

For example, if your bike moves outside the safe area, your MiniFinder alerts you to default receivers. The helpful features allow you to take appropriate action immediately, and increase your chances of getting your bike back.

Protect several belongings at the same time

MiniFinder GO allows you to monitor multiple belongings simultaneously. It is a useful function for you who, for example, own several vehicles such as bicycles and mopeds, or need to protect several valuables against theft. By connecting all track transmitters to the same system, you get a clear overview of all valuables.

In addition, several people can join the MiniFinder GO tracking system. This means that additional family members, your neighbor or a good friend can help you keep track of your belongings.


Real-Time Positioning

See the exact positioning of the unit in real time. Monitor multiple devices simultaneously.

Speed Alarm

Receive an alarm if the unit exceeds the preset speed limit.

Movement Alarm

The unit automatically alerts when the asset is moved.


The GPS unit alerts when it leaves a highlighted safety zone.


All position data is stored for one year and can be easily displayed afterwards.


Several users can access the system to receive alarms and see position.

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