Efficient and safe hunting – with a GPS tracker from MiniFinder

Thanks to services such as real time positioning, location history and bark detector, you can easily monitor your dog and keep it safe throughout the hunting session.

Light Weight
A smooth and lightweight GPS tracker in mini format.

100% Waterproof
GPS tracker that is dust and waterproof.

Unlimited Reach
The high-tech GPS device by MiniFinder works in over 190 countries.
Dog equipped with gps for hunting

Position your dog in real time

Hunting dogs that have weathered a prey can move extremely fast over large areas. With the help of a GPS tracker for hunting dogs from MiniFinder you can monitor the dog’s speed and positioning in real time, which creates good conditions for successful hunting. 

The MiniFinder records the dog’s movements and transmits all data gathered to your phone or web browser. If you want to hunt with others, you can easily connect several people to the same system. It allows you to track the dog’s movement and synchronize the hunt as needed. 

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GPS for hunting dogs makes hunting safer

Effective bark detection

As a hunter, it is very important to maintain an effective interaction between you and your dog. Therefore, the MiniFinder Rex is equipped with an effective bark detector that allows you to get information about what is going on in the area where the dog is located. 

Did your dog track down a target or did it get hurt? With the help of the bark detector, you can contact the unit and listen to barks and other behaviours. 

Dog with hunting gps

Designed for rough outdoor environments

Our GPS tracker is considered one of the smallest units available on the market. The size allows both small and big hunting dogs to carry the MiniFinder without hassle or discomfort. 

In addition, the unit is waterproof and can be used during hunting sessions with bad weather conditions. The GPS tracker’s thick surface also makes it suitable for use in environments with heavy vegetation and other tough terrains that hunting dogs usually are in. 

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Hunting dog with gps

Secure areas and location history

With the geofence feature you can easily mark out your hunting grounds as safe areas. If the dog leaves the area, you will immediately get an alarm on your phone. 

The GPS unit also gives you the opportunity to see all the movements afterwards. The history is saved for a year and can easily be accessed via the app MiniFinder Hunter. Use this information to analyze the hunting dog’s movement patterns and further refine your hunting methods. 


Real-time tracking

MiniFinder Rex tracks the animal’s position in real time. See exact positions directly in the MiniFinder Hunter application.

Guidance light

The powerful guidance light locates the hunting dog during the night hunt at a distance of up to 200 meters.

Hunting grounds

Create hunting grounds and place out tags on the map, such as hunting towers, tracks, downed animals and observations.

Long battery life

With its superior battery MiniFinder Rex has a battery life of up to 100 hours during active use.

Bark indicator

Get a quick idea of what is going on in the area where the hunting dog is located. Take note of the barking and the sound level.

Voice command

MiniFinder Rex is equipped with voice command, which enables communication with the hunting dog during the hunt.

100% waterproof

Rex is IPX7 certified and can withstand external stresses from the weather and wind.

Unlimited range

The unit is built with world-leading GPS technology and works in all countries that has access to the 4G network

Location history

All positioning is saved in the app and can be easily analyzed afterwards.


Send different vibration patterns to the hunting dog and make it perform different commands.

Smart live-tracking

Through the live-tracking function, AI is used to adapt completely to the hunting dog's movements and speed.

Stop detection

The tracking device warns in the event of a sudden stop and sends a notification to your mobile.

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