Electronic triplog approved by the Swedish Tax Agency


MiniFinder® Triplog

Automatic triplog that saves time and money
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MiniFinder® Triplog Features


User-friendly reports with significant information.


All positioning is collected in the system for one year.


Several users can access the system.


Select multiple trips and combine them.


Write a comment on each trip.


Access to clear and useful statistics.

Search Function

Search retrospectively for completed trips.

Purpose of Travel

Easily switch between private and business travel.


Triplog operates in over 190 countries.

MiniFinder Triplog

Several companies choose to streamline their operations with the help of our electronic triplog.
Some customers who use MiniFinder Triplog
Trostek transport
Apcoa parking
Kabe rental

Triplog Approved by the Swedish Tax Agency

An electronic triplog from MiniFinder connects the car to the cloud and gives you access to several smart features. MiniFinder's triplog is approved by the Swedish Tax Agency and automatically updates all trips which saves the business both time and money.

For Whom?

The triplog is recommended for all service cars, especially those used for private travels. With our triplog, all journeys are recorded and you do not have to worry about anything that might be forgotten. The driver saves time, company managers get access to clear and accurate information, and payroll administration and invoicing are streamlined.


Smooth Hardware

The hardware used for our electronic triplog is called MiniFinder Zepto, and is an innovative GPS tracker for vehicles and machines. The device is one of the smallest on the market and the agile size makes the hardware easy to hide for unauthorized people.

Easy Installation

Via a "Plug & Play"-solution, the hardware is connected to the car's diagnostic socket in just a few seconds. Alternatively, the unit can be connected via an adapter for "On-Board-Diagnosis" (OBD). Regardless of the alternatives, the installation is quick and efficient. After installation, the hardware will immediately send positioning data to the MiniFinder GO tracking system.


How It Works

All positioning data is converted and creates a complete triplog. The triplog contains, among other things, time, mileage and addresses. Furthermore, the driver can mark each trip as a private or service trip and write a comment. Once completed, the information can be accessed via mobile, tablet or computer.

More Useful Features

In addition to electronic triplog, the service offers several functions such as real-time positioning, theft protection and reporting systems. These functions facilitate administration and help companies streamline operations and optimize the vehicle fleet. In addition, there is the possibility of lower insurance premiums.


MiniFinder Triplog

Carrying a triplog by hand is time-consuming. With the electronic triplog from MiniFinder, you can save time and money.


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Automatic Reports
Access to user-friendly reports with significant information.
Real time tracking
All positioning is collected in the MiniFinder Triplog and can easily be displayed afterwards.
MiniFinder go iphone10 geofence
Several users can access the system to view position and receive alarms.
MiniFinder go history
Combine Trips
Possibility to combine different journeys.
MiniFinder go iphone10 push notifications
Ability to write comments on each trip.
MiniFinder go devices list
Access to clear and useful statistics.
MiniFinder go iphone10 map
Search for Travel
Possibility to search for trips afterwards.

Hardware support:

MiniFinder Triplog supports virtually all hardware available in today's market. In other words, not just our units.

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For developers:

We provide APIs for integration with third-party systems such as customized tracking systems, unique customer solutions, triplog, mobile applications and more. Contact us and we will tell you more.

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