Cloud-based tracking system for digital devices


MiniFinder® GO

Efficient tracking system with real-time monitoring
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MiniFinder GO Features

Real-Time Positioning

Records the connected devices’ position in real-time.


Alarms if the unit leaves a safety zone.


Easy-to-handle reports with significant information.


All positioning is stored in MiniFinder GO for one year.


Give multiple users access to the system of MiniFinder GO.


Access to clear and useful statistics.

Alarm Notes

Obtain clear alarm notifications if a unit alarms.


Information on the latest position.


Mark events along the way.


Several maps, such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, Openstreet.

Device List

Overview several devices in the same account.


Possibility to choose from several languages.

MiniFinder GO

The tool is used by thousands of customers around the world to protect and locate people, animals and assets.
Some customers who use MiniFinder GO
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What is MiniFinder GO?

MiniFinder GO is an internet-based alarm and tracking system that easily detects the GPS device's movements and sends position data directly to the app and browser it is connected with. By logging into the system you can easily follow selected items and customize services as needed.

For Whom?

The system provides innovative functions for companies and individuals wishing to protect their property, increase their own or relatives' security, or increase the safety of animals respectively pets. Furthermore, the system contains several functions that help businesses streamline work in transport and logistics, as well as the healthcare sector.


User-Friendly Tracking Service

The MiniFinder GO connects to the GPS tracker and provides the user with several features. The Getting Started Guide gives you access to information that ensures a fast and secure connection to digital devices. Several devices can be connected to the tracking service and several users can access the system.

Real-Time Positioning

MiniFinder GO ensures efficient tracking of your devices in real time. Furthermore, there is a possibility of time interval tracking of at least ten seconds. The system also lets you share a unique link with others. As long as the unique link is valid, selected people can follow the journey on the map, even without access to the system.


The Data is Stored in the System

All positions are stored in MiniFinder GO for one year. Generate history or user-friendly reports and draw tracks on the map to see how the track transmitter has moved, speed, distance, engine hours, working hours and more. The information facilitates administrative work and can be used to streamline operations.

Alarm Notes and Alarm Reports

MiniFinder GO provides a clear information box with information from the GPS tracker's latest updated position. Furthermore, the system provides you with alarm notifications at various events and you can subsequently produce clear alarm reports.


MiniFinder GO

User-friendly alarm and tracking system for mobile, tablet and browser.

Hardware Support

MiniFinder® GO supports virtually all hardware available in today's market. In other words, not just our units. Even mobile phones can be tracked in the system with a commercial app available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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For Developers

We provide APIs for the integration in third-party systems such as customized tracking systems, unique customer solutions, driving records, mobile applications and more. Contact us and we will tell you more.

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