Travel outside of EU with MiniFinder

Stay connected: Purchase an additional service for MiniFinder devices in non-EU countries.

For travelers or residents in non-EU countries

If you plan to travel in non-EU countries or if you are living outside of the EU, you will need to purchase an additional service to keep your MiniFinder connected.

It is important to note that the extra service is necessary to ensure that your MiniFinder remains connected and functioning throughout your journey outside the EU. By keeping the device connected, the location of your loved ones or valuable assets can continue to be tracked, providing you with extra security.

Price and how to cancel the service

The service costs 100 SEK per month in addition to your regular subscription cost. The minimum period that can be purchased is one month. To cancel the service you have to contact the support and the notice period is one month.

To purchase the service, you need to contact MiniFinder's support  via email or phone. The support team can assist you in purchasing the service up until the day before your departure. Click here to contact the support.