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About Us

An IoT company with cutting-edge expertise


MiniFinder is an IoT company with cutting-edge expertise in smart GNSS technology. Our business is based on self-developed products characterized by quality, unique design and high precision in a small format.


The company was founded in November 2012 in Växjö, Sweden with a dream of developing technology that helps companies optimize and streamline their fleet through positioning technology. Today we are a steadily growing company that offers comprehensive solutions in the areas of e-health, safety, vehicles, assets and animals.


Positioning has become a part of our daily life.

When looking for companies and their physical locations, we search for them on the Internet.If we are planning a vacation, we look for hotels, again, on the Internet. A GPS navigator has been our helping hand on unknown roads for long.


In addition to positioning, our products can send status data from the tracked object. The input is sent wirelessly to our server which processes the data in real time and presents valuable information about the object through a map service on a mobile, a tablet or a computer.


A MiniFinder GPS Tracker reports at least four basic variables in real time: position, speed, height and direction. There are also additional sensors such as falls sensor, motion sensors, digital inputs/outputs. This is a full-featured IoT product for the following uses:


Our goal is to become a market leader in the development of GNSS products for professional use. We will continue to design user-friendly and high-quality products at the forefront of new technology.



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