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Theft-prone vehicles

All vehicles attract thieves, especially the more expensive ones. MiniFinder Pico gives you full control over your vehicle and where it is at all times. Is it possible to connect the MiniFinder Pico to a vehicle’s battery, and then track it anywhere on the planet for a very long time.

If your vehicle, like a boat or a bike, has limited or no battery, you still have as much as 7 days battery support with MiniFinder Pico. If you have set the alarm features correctly, you will get an alarm long before (on your smartphone or computer) if someone tries to steal your vehicle. The alarm will go off as soon as your vehicle crosses the geo-fence around the safe zones you defined on the map in the app.

If you also have connected a siren to your vehicle, which you can activate by remote control, it doesn’t matter if you can’t see the vehicle when you have tracked it down (it may be locked in a garage or in a truck). Just activate the siren and confirm that your vehicle is there. For bigger vehicles, like cars, caravans or trucks, please also have a look at the MiniFinder Zepto solution.


With MiniFinder Pico you can follow how your vehicle moves on a map in the attached app, around the clock and everywhere. Much more exact than in any common GPS for a car. In the easy to use app for computer and mobile, you can also insert geo-fences on the map and define areas and routes that are safe. If the vehicle moves (is moved) outside these home zones, you will receive an instant alarm (as an e-mail or text message).


In case of incidents, you can take immediate action. The alarm from your vehicle can also be connected directly to an alarm center. Using the exact positioning, it is usually easy to recover the vehicle. If the vehicle has a fall to the ground, MiniFinder Pico will generate an automatic alarm.


The overhearing function lets you listen to what goes on around your vehicle. If there is a crash, sound of voices, ambience. If the vehicle has been moved by someone you know or if there is some kind of mistake (mix up) you can also talk to the person who took the wrong vehicle through dual-audio connection. (Not a good idea to alarm a thief though). A bonus, if someone you know has borrowed your vehicle (kids, family, relatives), you can stay in touch with them and know where they are too. If there is a problem on the road, they can push the alarm button or talk to you.

For bigger vehicles, if you have chosen to connect Minifinder Zepto to the diagnostic port on the vehicle, you can in real time get information about more than the actual position on the map: how the vehicle is running (speed, speed, vehicle standstill, fuel consumption, etc.)

For multiple users

Several authorized, like family members or an alarm center, may have the app running simultaneously and both you and they can see where your vehicle is. Has your vehicle been taken to another country? Give the local police the authority to position and retrieve, the tow truck or the insurance company. Also very convenient if you just forgot where you parked the bike in the huge parking lot or city garage.



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