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Personal safety

A lifeline for everyone who lives with risks and threats in their daily lives

With MiniFinder Pico, you can become a life line for all the people who might need extra security in their lives: children, teens, people living under threats, elderly people, people working alone (perhaps in a small shop or at a gas station) and so on. A safe solution also for mountain hikers, skiers or adventurous people in general.

MiniFinder Pico is a small GPS tracker that allows the user to stay connected with person(s) of their choice, like a relative or a security officer, or even with a public alarm center, via an app on the smartphone. The MiniFinder Pico device has one of the market’s most powerful batteries, it is rechargeable and is sufficient for active use for at least 7 days. Anyone who wears the small and light MiniFinder Pico, can always count on both being able to alarm and communicate with near and dear ones if something happens.

Whoever gets the alarm can see exactly where the user of the unit is located on a map in the app. A so-called fall-alarm sounds even if the fallen person can’t push the alarm himself. It is a way to stay connected in the cloud. All this is part of the technology called IoT, Internet of Things. An area where we at MiniFinder have many years of experience and offer quality products that really work.

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