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Welcome to a bigger, safer world for the elderly

As we grow older, the world will shrink in different ways. We can’t do as much as before and life slows down. Decreased physical or mental mobility become perfectly normal parts of life. Still, you might not yet want to move to a residential home. You want to meet with friends and participate in activities, but you (as well as your related) also do not want to worry about ”what if”.

There is a clever solution. With MiniFinder Pico, you can help yourself or other elderly people to get a safer and more independent everyday. The small, light GPS-Tracker, enables your related to stay in touch with you, and for you to connect with them, in a whole new manner.

The tracker is also a small personal alarm, attached to recievers you know and trust – just in case something happens. Who ever you choose to be a receiver, can easily track, talk, stay in touch and receive alarms from you via an app on their mobile(s) or computer(s).


Constant contact

Wearing the small, stylish, lightweight MiniFinder Pico, means that you can always get assistance if something happens. You can talk to anyone connected – and he or she can answer.


If you wear a MiniFinder Pico, the people you are connected to will be able to see exactly where you are on a map in the app, at all times. If your car breakes down, if you have a bad fall or are accidentally injured. If you get lost in the forest. If you happen to be an older adventurer travelling in Tibet. If you need any kind of assistance, you’ll be found, it doesn’t matter where you are.




If you are connected to a person with a MiniFinder Pico, you can insert a so-called geo-fence on the map in the app, i.e. mark the areas and routes that are safe. If the one who carries the MiniFinder Pico crosses these ”fences”, you will immediately get an alarm on your mobile. If the carrier falls and can not talk, then you will receive an automatic alarm. And you can always contact the person, talk and/or overhear what is going on in the surrounding, by the dual audio function. The person carrying the MiniFinder can also use the alarm button at their convenience.

For multiple users

Several selected (close relatives, friends, related, caretakers, house help etc) may have the same app and the right to see where the user of the MiniFinder Pico is.



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