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MiniFinder Zepto surveilles your vehicle around the clock!

GPS tracking minimizes the risk for theft. With MiniFinder Zepto your vehicle is constantly surveilled, wherever it is and whoever drives it. Should a driver of the vehicle take the wrong route, be delayed or the vehicle actually become stolen, then, by deviating from its route, an alarm is immediately generated.

As an owner or responsible for surveillance, you will instantly receive this alarm in your smartphone or computer. You’ll see the exact whereabouts of the vehicle in the app, and will be able to track it in real-time. After finding and bringing it back, follow-ups, customer complaints and even insurance issues are easier to handle, as the route history is stored, along with detailed information about what has happened.




MiniFinder Zepto is a help not only when locating a stolen vehicle. If the vehicle has suffered an accident, is stuck on the road (technical failure), lost its way or was delayed by strikes, terrorist crimes, traffic jams, had downtime due to weather, you will know. The continuous information you receive may allow for new arrival times to be calculated. Both you as the vehicle manager and your customer (or anyone concerned) gets a better basis for decision-making and can act.

Perhaps a service car or a backup vehicle is needed. Invoices may need to be stopped, insurance cases started … Your customers will get much better service and you’ll earn a good reputation!



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