It has never been easier to monitor your dog in real time.


MiniFinder® Hunter

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MiniFinder Hunter Features

Real-Time Positioning

See the dog and your teammates in real time with unlimited range.

Hunting grounds

Create hunting grounds on the map. Once the hunting ground is created, it can be linked to a hunting team.


The communication between the members is quick and smooth to optimize the safety during the hunt.


Set up geofences on the map in the MiniFinder Hunter App.


Place tags on the map such as hunting towers, downed animals, tracks and observations.

Plan and create hunts

Plan hunts and send invitations to future hunting opportunities.

Hunting teams

Create hunting teams, chats and share your position with team members.


See the positioning and behavior patterns afterwards via the history function.

Vibration commands

Possibility to train the dog to understand commands via vibration.


Take hunting to the next level

With the help of MiniFinder Hunter, you can easily follow the hunting dog and your teammates in real time. The app includes functions such as hunting grounds, hunting teams and placement of hunting towers.

Easily navigate through the forest together with you hunting team via the map and compass directly in the app.

After the hunt, you can easily take part of the tracking history afterwards. Where has the dog been during the hunt? How many kilometers has the dog run and how large of of an area has the dog moved on? Many of your questions will be answered right here!

Hunting grounds and map tags

Create hunting grounds by marking the desired area on the map. When the hunting ground is created, you can easily create hunting teams and invite to hunts. This enables that you and your hunting team can see each other's positions on the map in real time.

MiniFinder Hunter is equipped with a library of tags such as hunting towers, downed animals and tracks. Share the map and take part of the history together with your hunting team.

Download the statistics to a PDF and analyze the hunt afterwards.


The new community for hunters

MiniFinder Hunter is specially designed for hunters and dog handlers, by hunters and dog handlers. Communicate with each other via the chat function and take advantage of the app's notifications so you don't miss important information.

The app is designed to be able to navigate during the hunt as smoothly as possible, without unnecessary hassle and additional costs.

Download the app for free on App Store och Google Play.

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