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MiniFinder® Nano Personal Safety Alarm

World-leading GPS technology
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Description of MiniFinder Nano

MiniFinder Nano represents the latest generation of personal GPS safety alarm watches and is built upon the MLPC™ - ”MiniFinder Low Power Consumption”-algorithm that includes a wide range of unique features to diminish the energy consumption. This cutting-edge technology offers several innovative safety solutions that may well be customized to the particular needs of the users.

Personal Safety Alarm for Everyone

Do you intend to optimize your work in healthcare, improve the safety for your staff, or protect yourself, your kids as well as close relatives? MiniFinder Nano is an effective digital instrument for optimising functions within the healthcare sector and security industries, and creates a lifeline for the most loved ones.

MiniFinder roams freely between different networks to achieve the best possible GSM reception. This means that the mobile security alarm works in the event of a power failure.


Practical Design

In 2021, MiniFinder Nano was recognised as one of four finalist in the third edition of Design Europa Awards. The gala aimed to reward products and their industrial designers. 

Both the device and the strap are produced from durable silicone materials. Attach the magnetic cable to the device to receive a sufficient charging process. Fully charged, Nano's battery life is a full 32 hours - during active use! In standby mode, the battery lasts for a full 120 hours.

Smart alarm functions

Nano is equipped with several smart alarm functions. The device features a fall alarm that triggers immediately in case of a falling accident. Nano enables you to monitor the user and to receive an alarm notification in case of sudden emergencies.


Panic Alarm and Call Function

The personal safety alarm MiniFinder Nano is equipped with is a panic button, which enables the user to contact predefined phone numbers in case of accidents or other hazardous situations. For increased safety, Nano can also be connected to a local alarm centre providing emergency services.

Indoor & Outdoor Positioning

MiniFinder Nano offers an effective security solution, regardless of the user's location. The GPS alarm provides tracking in real-time for all selected receivers and stores all gathered data for a full year. Nano supports eSIM, Bluetooth and WIFI-chips, which provide the user with both indoor and outdoor tracking. The device can be used in all countries offering 4G-coverage.


MiniFinder® Nano functions

Falling Alarm
Nano detects falling accidents immediately, and sends an automatic alarm to predefined alarm receivers.

Call Function
Communicate with the user through the convenient voice-call function.

Panic Alarm
Send alarms to predefined receivers or connect the device to an alarm centre.

Real-Time Positioning
Nano enables real-time tracking as soon as movement is detected. View exact position via MiniFinder GO.

WiFi & Bluetooth
Indoor & Outdoor tracking via Wifi and Bluetooth contribute to enhancing the performance and energy consumption.

Set up safe areas on the map in the MiniFinder Go system or the APP. Nano sends a notification if the device leaves preset boundaries.

Unlimited Range
Nano is built on world-leading GPS technology and can be operated in over 190 countries.

Location History
All tracking data are stored for one year and can be retrieved later.

Multiple users can access the MiniFinder GO tracking system under one user account.

Low Battery Alarm
A warning will be sent out to predefined alarm receivers when the battery level falls below a certain percentage.

Warning of GPS Signal Losses
MiniFinder Nano sends a warning to the user when entering an area without GPS signal.

MiniFinder® Nano

The well-known, personal safety alarm from MiniFinder Nano is regularly used within the healthcare and security sector.
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MiniFinder GO

The innovative alarm and tracking system, MiniFinder GO, is an excellent tool which contains several smart features for increased personal safety. MiniFinder GO is a user-friendly system and is available via smartphone, tablets and web browser. Download the app for free via App Store or Google Play.

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Real time tracking
Live Tracking
MiniFinder GO logs devices' positions in real-time.
MiniFinder go iphone10 geofence
Mark safe areas on the map and receive a notification if the unit crosses the preset boundary.
MiniFinder go history
Location History
All information is logged in the MiniFinder GO tracking system and can be retrieved later.
MiniFinder go iphone10 push notifications
Alarm Notifications
When an alarm is triggered, you will receive a notification via MiniFinder GO.
MiniFinder go devices list
Track Multiple Devices
Multiple devices can be connected to the same account in MiniFinder GO.
MiniFinder go iphone10 map
View devices on detailed maps.
MiniFinder go iphone10 tooltip
The information box contains data from the latest position.

MiniFinder® Nano

The functions of MiniFinder Nano can be customized according to the particular needs of each user.
Nano specification
47 mm × 41 mm x 16mm
Rechargeable 600mAh Lithium-Polymer
Unique algorithm that improves energy consumption
LTE: B1, B3, B7, B8, B20 GSM:900/1800 MHz
Power source
Operating temperature
-20°C to +60°C
GPS start
Active 1s, Warm 5s, Cold 15s
Accelerometer, 3-axis
Accuracy (position)
0-5m (open sky)
GPS chipset
ESP8266EX (2.4GHZ 802.11 b/g/n)
5% to 95% Non-condensing
Battery life
24h with 5 min update interval 
16Mb (flash memory)
2 LED lamps indicate GPS, LTE and power
SOS and On/Off
MiniFinder bracelet
MiniFinder Wristband
USB charging cable
USB Charging Cable
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