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MiniFinder® Tracktor

Live tracking software and APP for mobile smartphones


With the tracking system Tracktor® you can easily track your devices in real-time from a computer, smartphone or tablet. Create reports, check history of your units movement, speed, distance traveled and much more. Tracktor® also has a clever feature that allows you to share a unique link with your partners. Via the unique link you can follow the trip on the map in real time without having access to the system as long as the unique link applies.

After the purchase of the map service Tracktor® we configure your device, create login credentials and send them to you along with a quick start guide. Unlike tracking on demand (tracking via dial or SMS) otherwise included free with all our units, you don't need to actively track your units. All you need to do is log in on the Tracktor map and see where your GPS trackers are located. If it is in motion, a track will be plotted on the map. Convenient and practical, in other words.


The most popular purpose among our clients is to prevent people with cognitive disabilities to get lost,
automatic driver trip log, theft protect property and improve the efficiency of working in the field.

Tracktor is a robust live tracking and alarm system.
- User friendly and easy to use.

Key features

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MiniFinder® Tracktor

For developers

We provide APIs for integration with third-party systems such as customized tracking unique customer solutions, mileage logs, mobile applications etc.

Contact us for more information.
  • Real-time tracking (tidsintrevallspårning at least 5s)
  • Printing of electronic driver's log (approved by the tax office)
  • Creating alarm notifications depending on various events
  • Develop scares
  • Perform various types of measurements such as engine hours, working hours and so on.
  • Play itinerary
  • History, search and analysis
  • Statistics in the form of different graphs
  • Enter geo-fence on the map (in / out)
  • Multiple File Support (Google Maps, Open Street, Bing Maps etc.)
  • Supports multiple languages​(Swedish, Finnish, English, Spanish, French, Italian)

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