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MiniFinder® Atto

GPS Tracker for cats & dogs

MiniFinder® Atto is one of the world's smallest pet GPS tracking devices on the market. It is waterproof, small, and lightweight. The size of Atto is only 61 x 35 x 16 mm and it weighs as little as 38 g.

The distinctive feature of the device, in addition to design and size, is the battery life. In the standby mode, the device can last up to 20 days. Atto is the only unit of this size on the market can achieve this.

MiniFinder Atto with dog collar
MiniFinder Atto GPS Tracker for Pets

GPS Tracker Atto is based on the world's leading GPS technology and has a built-in GPS chip from U-Blox (Swiss made) that is lean and powerful.

Minifinder® Atto GPS tracker will help you keep the full track of your pet. Besides positioning, you can also "talk" to your pets and give them commands. The speaker is strategically located on the side of the unit, so your dog can hear your voice as best as possible.


Atto is your pet's best friend. No matter whether you need to keep an eye on a big or a small animal, MiniFinder Atto is the perfect solution for the task.

Behind the small shell, it is the technology of the highest quality. Device is well suited – for all kind of pets tracking.


Overspeed Alarm

The device supports speed limit function. If it is over the speed limit, an alarm will be sent to you.

Low Battery Alarm

When the device's battery goes below 20%, it will send you a low battery warning.

GPS Signal Lost & Recovery Alert

The device will automatically send the latest available GPS information to the preset numbers when it enters an area without GPS signal.

Call Function

The device supports two-way communication, which means that you can call its phone number and give an order to your pet.

Motion Alarm

After this function is turned on, it will send you a motion alarm as soon as the device detects a motion.

Bark Detector

When making a silent call to the tracker, it will automatically answer your call and give you an opportunity to listen to what happens in its surrounding.

GeoFence Alarm

After defining a safe zone in the APP, you are ready to receive an alarm when Atto leaves the GeoFence.

Live Tracking

Atto sends its position as soon as it detects movement. Open up the APP and watch its movements in real time.


MiniFinder Atto GPS Tracker for Pets MiniFinder Atto with dog collar
Dimensions65 x 35 x 16mm
Charging VoltageMicro USB, DC4.2V~5.5V/400mA
BatteryLispanium-ion, 900mAh
Power Consumption45mA standby current
GPS Chipsetu-Blox 7, AGPS support (Swiss made)
GSM ChipsetSIMCOM800L, quad-band
GSM Frequency850/1900mhz 900/1800MHz
Operating Temperature-20°C to 60°C
Work Time4 to 10 days
Standby Timeup to 20 days
LED2 lights for Power, GSM & GPS indication
ButtonsNo buttons
SensorBuilt in 3D G-sensor (by BOSCH)
Accuracy5 – 15 meters
I/O1 port for USB cable
WaterproofYes. IP67 certified.


MiniFinder Necklace


MiniFinder® Lanyard – produced in soft fabric with a safety clasp.

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MiniFinder Charger 12-24v

12-24V Converter

Can be connected to car, truck, excavator, ATV, motorcycle, etc.

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MiniFinder Cat Collar

Cat Collar

An adjustable cat collar in nylon and a bell that warns birds as well as other animals when a cat is approaching.

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MiniFinder Dog Collar

Dog Collar

The dog collar is made of TPU material that is extremely durable.

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MiniFinder® Atto Water Test

MiniFinder® GO

MiniFinder GO is the software that takes care of all incoming sensors and data from MiniFinder® products, which are then presented in a clear way in the form of a map. The platform consists of three different systems: alarm system, report system and real-time tracking system. The system also supports external calls and integration with third-party systems through APIs.

Download the APP

The app is available for download to Android and iOS (Apple) mobile phones and tablets:

MiniFinder GO iOS App MiniFinder GO Android App

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