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Atto Pro

MiniFinder® Atto Pro GPS Tracker

Revolutionary animal tracking service
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Atto pro

What is MiniFinder Atto Pro?

MiniFinder Atto Pro consists of innovative features designed to considerably increase animal safety. The unit is based on the MLPC ™ -algorithm - MiniFinder Low Power Consumption - developed by MiniFinder and consists of several unique features to reduce the energy consumption of a GPS unit. The well-developed technology ensures effective positioning, no matter where the animal is located.

GPS Tracker for All Animals

MiniFinder Atto Pro is a lightweight GPS tracker in mini format that fits animals of different sizes. The technical unit itself is attached to the animal's collar and can with great precision track a missing cat or locate a dog that is on the run. Atto Pro can also track and protect large animals such as horses and cattle.

Atto pro
Atto pro

Waterproof Unit with Smooth Battery

Our GPS tracker for animals is IP67 certified and can withstand continuous use outdoors, regardless of the weather. Furthermore, MiniFinder Atto Pro has a long battery life and automatically notifies when the battery drops below a certain percentage. The included magnetic charger ensures fast and efficient charging of the unit.

Accurate Real-Time Positioning

Atto Pro provides preselected recipients with the pets exact position in real-time. The GPS and GSM reception of the unit contributes to an efficient tracking with high precision, even in areas with weak mobile coverage. All information is stored in the system for up to one year and the movement pattern of the animal can be easily displayed afterwards.

Atto pro
Atto pro

Virtual Enclosure for Curious Animals

Animals can be curious and want to explore foreign areas. With the feature Geofence, safe areas can be highlighted on the map. If the animal leaves a safety zone, Atto Pro will automatically send an alarm. For extra security, several people can access the system and keep the animals under supervision together.

MiniFinder Atto Pro Functions

Real-Time Positioning
The device tracks your animal's real-time position. View the exact location via MiniFinder GO.

Warning of Low GPS Signal
Atto Pro sends an automatic alarm when there is a low GPS signal.

Set up safe areas on the map. Atto Pro sends a notification if your pet crosses a preset boundary.

Magnetic Charger
Fast and efficient charging via the device's magnetic charger.

Low Battery Alarm
Atto Pro will notify when the battery level falls below a certain percentage.

Water and Impact-Resistant
Atto Pro is waterproof and impact-resistant according to IP67 standard.

Motion Alarm
Atto Pro sends a motion alarm as soon as the device detects a movement.

Unlimited Range
Atto Pro is built on world-leading GPS technology and operates in over 190 countries.

Speeding Alarm
Atto Pro sends an alarm notification if the device exceeds the speed limit.

Location History
All position data is stored for one year and can be easily analyzed afterwards.

Flash Memory
The GPS tracker logs all positions in the flash memory at the loss of the GSM signal.

MiniFinder Atto Pro

Thanks to MiniFinder Atto Pro, a large number of missing or vanished pets are found every year.
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MiniFinder GO

The innovative alarm and tracking system, MiniFinder GO, is an excellent tool which contains several smart features for increased safety. MiniFinder GO is a user-friendly system and is available via smartphone, tablets and web browser. Download the app for free via App Store or Google Play.

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Real time tracking
Live Tracking
MiniFinder GO logs devices' positions in real-time.
MiniFinder go iphone10 geofence
Mark safe areas on the map and receive a notification if the unit crosses the preset boundary.
MiniFinder go history
Location History
All information is logged in the MiniFinder GO tracking system and can be retrieved later.
MiniFinder go iphone10 push notifications
Alarm Notifications
When an alarm is triggered, you will receive a notification via MiniFinder GO.
MiniFinder go devices list
Track Multiple Devices
Multiple devices can be connected to the same account in MiniFinder GO.
MiniFinder go iphone10 map
View devices on detailed maps.
MiniFinder go iphone10 tooltip
The information box contains data from the latest position.

MiniFinder Atto Pro

Worldwide and waterproof GPS tracker for animals of all sizes


Atto specification
65 mm × 35 mm × 16 mm
Rechargeable 850mAh
LTE:M1, NB2 GSM: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
Power source
Operating temperature
-20°C ~ +60°C
GPS fix time
Active 1s, Hot 2s, Cold 26s
Accelerometer, 3-axis
Accuracy (position)
0-5m open sky
GPS chip
AT6558R-5N32 (8300)
5% to 95% Non-condensing
Battery life
                                  35h with 5 minutes interval
1Mb (flash memory)
Yes, IP67 certified
3 LED lamps indicate GPS, LTE and voltage


Cat collar
Cat Collar
Dog collar
Dog Collar
12-24V charger
12-24V Charger

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