Let us introduce MiniFinder Rex

Let us introduce MiniFinder Rex

Let us introduce MiniFinder Rex, the dog tracker that will take hunting to the next level.

Rex is packed with unique functions such as smart assisted tracking that adapts to the dogs movement, bark detection, vibration and guidance light. The powerful LED light helps you locate the dog during the dark at a distance of up to 200 meters.

The unit excels on smaller dogs as it weighs a mere 100 grams, and with a battery life of 100 hours during active use you don’t have to worry about the next charge.

But that’s not all…

Together with hunters and dog handlers, we have developed a new hunting app. The app is designed to be able to navigate during the hunt as smoothly as possible, without unnecessary hassle and additional costs.

Pre-order it now at: https://shop.minifinder.com/rex-eu

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