Mobile safety alarm: How to avoid malfunctions

Mobile safety alarm: How to avoid malfunctions

The newspaper Arbetarbladet reported on June 29 about Gun-Britt, 88, who fell out on the bridge stairs and hit herself badly. Although she pressed the security alarm several times, no help came.

“It is not possible to trust that a security alarm works outside. Not even if you are in the yard by your own villa. The explanation: walls, masonry, trees and leaves ", writes Arbetarbladet.

A traditional security alarm is connected to the user's home via fixed telephony, which means that the alarms do not work outside the home.

MiniFinder's mobile security alarms work without fixed telephony, and instead roam freely between different telephone networks. This means that the user's freedom of movement increases markedly without compromising safety.

Since a mobile security alarm means a 100% portable solution, the alarm also works outdoors, without limitation of range. In addition, the alarm reception can be handled directly by the care provider.

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