Innovative security solution for boats

Innovative security solution for boats

MiniFinder Zepto GPS tracker has a unique design and contains several innovative features that make it an excellent anti-theft solution for your boat!

Theft is annoying and can be very costly. MiniFinder Zepto is an innovative GPS tracker with a unique design. The GPS tracker's smart features make Zepto an excellent safety solution for your boat.

MiniFinder Zepto, together with the alarm and tracking system MiniFinder GO, provides your boat with comprehensive theft protection and gives you uninterrupted supervision of your property. Thanks to features such as real-time positioning, motion alarms and geofence alarms, you can enjoy life no matter where you are in the world. By connecting MiniFinder Zepto to your boat, there is also the option of discounted insurance with the insurance companies Alandia and Atlantica.

Apart from the comprehensive anti-theft protection, MiniFinder Zepto and MiniFinder GO offer several other useful features. In addition to the speed alarms when the boat exceeds the set speed limit, you can also get access to valuable information about the boat's itinerary, such as positions, dates and times.

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