Jegeravisen tests MiniFinder Atto Pro

Jegeravisen tests MiniFinder Atto Pro

Our latest GPS tracker for dogs, Atto Pro, offers several smart and easy-to-use alarm and tracking functions which are useful for hunters and hunting dogs.

The hunting season has begun in Sweden, Norway and Finland. As a hunter, it is always important to have effective contact with your hunting dog and at the same time ensure the dog's safety on the challenging terrain. With a GPS tracker for animals, the hunter can easily monitor the hunting dog and keep it safe during the entire hunting session.

An experienced Norwegian hunter has tested MiniFinder's latest GPS tracker for animals, MiniFinder Atto Pro. In Jegeravisen, the hunter says that he, among other things, tried to leave the GPS tracker in water for a longer period without it affecting the device. Other advantages the hunter lifts with the MiniFinder Atto Pro are, for example, the device's long battery life, the barking indicator and the GPS tracker's flexible size and lightweight. Furthermore, the hunter considers the alarm and tracking system MiniFinder GO to be easy to use and with a simple application.

Read the full hunter's review of Atto Pro.

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