Smart GPS tracker for cats

With a GPS tracker from MiniFinder you can easily take part in your cat’s adventure – directly in your phone or web browser. Use your MiniFinder to position your family member in real time, or to track the cat’s movement patterns.

Light Weight
A smooth and lightweight GPS tracker in mini format.

Low Battery Alarm
Notifies when the battery falls below a certain level.

100% Waterproof
GPS tracker that is dust and waterproof.
Unit for tracking cats

Position your cat in real time

There are many potential dangers for cats that roam in nature, and not knowing what’s happening to a beloved family member can be scary. With a GPS tracker for cats from MiniFinder you can track your cat in real time, which minimizes the risk of your cat getting into the wrong path. 

Our GPS tracker records the cat’s movements and sends the position data to the MiniFinder GO tracking service. The information can be used to see where your cat has been and what the movement pattern looks like. If the cat runs away‚ the search process is facilitated. 

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Track your cat with gps

A reliable detection of a scared “Meow!”

MiniFinder Atto Pro is equipped with an effective “Meow!”-detector. It can be used to get a better idea of what is going on in the area where the cat is located. If the cat gets into a fight or ends up in any type of danger, you can hear what is going on in the area thanks to the microphone.

The multi-control service also allows other people to connect to the same system. In this way, several family members or friends can take turns keeping the cat under watch. 

Track your cat using GPS technique

More smart features

If you want to know when the cat leaves the block or it’s usual area you can create safe areas, so-called geofences. When the animal leaves a marked area, you receive an alarm notification. 

For extra security, our GPS tracker gives you access to an alarm feature that sends notifications if the animal’s movements exceed a predetermined speed. This feature can be helpful if the cat for some reason gets into a vehicle. 

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Smart cat tracking

Additional benefits of MiniFinder

Our GPS tracker is a small and flexible unit that can easily be attached in a collar around the cat’s neck. The unit is also one of the smallest on the market. This allows even smaller cats to use the device without interfering with their natural behavior.

Thanks to it’s powerful performance, the battery is very durable and can be used in normal use for several days without the need to connect to a charger. The product is also water resistant, which means it can withstand bad weather. 


Real-Time Positioning

The device provides you with the cat's exact positioning in real time.


All position data is stored for one year and can be easily displayed afterwards.


Receive alarms if your cat leaves a marked safety area.


Several users can access the system to view position and receive alarms.

Listen to the Cat

Get a quick idea of what is going on in the area where the cat is.

Speed Alarm

Receive an alarm if the unit exceeds the preset speed limit.

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