MiniFinder Tracks Your Horse in Real-Time

With a GPS for hest from MiniFinder, you get control of your horse wherever you are. We offer effective safety measures such as real time positioning and geofence, which increases the safety of both you and your horse.

Unlimited Reach
The devices developed by MiniFinder work in over 190 countries.

100% Waterproof
GPS tracker that is dust and waterproof.

Several users can access the system.
Horse with a gps

Position your horse in real time

The reliable GPS tracker for horses from MiniFinder provides a smooth monitoring of the horse in the stable, pasture, and during races. The unit also gives you the opportunity to explore your riding history and gives you access to information such as the timing and distances of previous trips. 

Our GPS tracker records all movements of the horse and sends the information to the tracking system MiniFinder GO. Since all tracking is done in real time, the feature can also be used as supplementary safety solutions when riding on your own. 

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Horse with gps for tracking

Prevent theft and escape

Use the geofence feature to prevent theft and escape by marking out safe areas such as a yard or stables in your digital devices. If the horse is moved outside these areas, you will receive an alarm notification immediately. 

GPS for horse

Why a GPS tracker from MiniFinder?

MiniFinder offers a handy GPS tracker in a small and easy-to-use format. Despite its small size, the product has a powerful performance and several energy-efficient components which means that the unit has a long battery life. 

In addition to a long battery life, it is possible to multi-control. It is a useful service for children and young adults who want to ride on their own. The function allows parents and friends to gain access to the system and get notified if something would happen. 

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Horse equipped with GPS tracker

Designed for outdoor environment

Our GPS tracker is adapted for daily use in an outdoor environment, and is able to withstand most weather changes the climate brings. Since the unit is waterproof, you can also use the product under harsh conditions such as snowfall and heavy rain. 

The durable construction makes the unit suitable for use in a stable, where riders are often exposed to dust and moisture. The GPS tracker is also designed to cope with shocks and other impacts that may arise in the handling of larger animals. 


Real-Time Positioning

The unit provides you with the horse's exact positioning in real time.


All position data is stored for one year and can be easily displayed afterwards.


Receive alarms if your horse leaves a marked safety area.

Low Battery Alarm

The unit informs when the battery falls below a certain percentage.

Unlimited range

Atto Pro is built with world-leading GPS technology and operates in over 190 countries..

Flexible Unit

A smooth and lightweight GPS tracker in mini format. Fits all horses.

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